Soliciting Your Cooperation with CCFJ

Recuperation Fund

We are seeking contributions towards the expenses of Chernobyl children staying at sanatoriums. If you wish to help, a contribution of \15000 per case, which includes clerical and mailing expenses, would be appreciated.

Special Recuperation Fund

This fund supports the recuperation expenses of Chernobyl children having had thyroid gland operations. We appreciate your contribution of \35000 per case.

Relief Fund

Any amount of contributions to this fund is appreciated. The funds are used for the operation and renovation of two sanatoriums, for medical supplies and the operation of clinics.

'Black Rain of Chernobyl'

by SAPANCO Igol, 10 years old, Ukraine.

Foster Parents System

We are seeking for foster parents who would support Chernobyl children having had thyroid operations and living in poverty. We ask foster parents to support a child each for at least 2 years by sending US$50 per month. If you are interested please contact us. We will send materials in detail.


The annual subscription for the quarterly news of CCFJ would be \2000. Please state 'the subscription' when sending money to us.

Publications on Chernobyl for Sale

On sale are several books written by HIROKAWA Ryuichi which provide information on the present situation of Chernobyl.
Books: 'Teacher Nina and Children', 'We Want to Live!'
Video: 'The Truth of Chernobyl'
Post Cards: a set of 4 cards of photographs by HIROKAWA Ryuichi
a set of 5 cards of children's pictures
Charity calendars: Calendars are designed to hold a small photo exhibition. (Photographs by HIROKAWA Ryuichi)


First and third Saturdays every month volunteers are helping our activity. If you are interested please contact us. We also welcome volunteers who know Russian language.

We are cooperating with the following organizations:
*Chernobyl Children's Fund, Enoura, JAPAN Tel 0465-29-0511
*Chernobyl Children's Fund, Mie, JAPAN Tel 059-224-5622
*Chernobyl Children's Fund, Yokohama, JAPAN Tel 045-774-9282
*Chernobyl and The Radioactive Pollution over the Earth - HIROKAWA Ryuichi Photo Exhibition Office Since April 1991 photo exhibitions have been held at more than 700 different places in Japan. From May 1997 pictures drawn by Chernobyl children are also lent out for exhibitions. If you would like to hold exhibitions please contact HIROKAWA Ryuichi Photo Exhibition Office (Tel/Fax 059-229-3078)

Chernobyl Children's Fund, Japan
Fouder/Adviser@HIROKAWA Ryuichi
Office: 207Maison de Hara, 25 Shirogane-cho, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 162-0816 Japan
Tel /Fax: 81-3-5228-2680

Please credit to the following account your contribution to CCFJ.
Name of the Account: Chernobyl Children's Fund, Japan
Postal Transfer (Yubin Furikae) Number: 00160-4-98316 (Transfer in Japan)

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