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History of 'Chernobyl Children's Fund, Japan' (CCFJ)
CCFJ was established in April 1991 by HIROKAWA Ryuichi, a photojournalist who began a fund-raising campaign. He was motivated by the appeal made by mothers of Chernobyl supporting groups when he visited Chernobyl after the accident. CCFJ has donated an ambulance, medicines, ultrasonic-test equipment, milk, stationery, radioscopes and some other ten tons of relief goods to contaminated areas.

CCFJ has also been supporting approximately 11,550 children to recuperate at sanatoriums in Belarus and Ukraine. Since July 1996 CCFJ has been sending children to sanatorium 'Hope 21' in Belarus and 'Yuzhanka' in Ukraine for recuperation and rehabilitation after thyroid gland operations. CCFJ cooperates in constructing and managing these sanatoriums. Funds collected by CCFJ currently amount to 358,000,000 Japanese yen, most of which is contributed by individual donors.



Sanatorium 'Hope 21' ('Nadezda XXI vek')

This is the facility built in September 1994 for the purpose of the education and rehabilitation for children still living in highly contaminated areas. It is a Belarussian-German joint enterprise and Chernobyl Children's Fund, Japan (CCFJ) has been collaborating to support this sanatorium by sharing the running expenses. The facility can accommodate about 200 children each month. CCFJ has sent to the Medical Center in the sanatorium medical equipment such as an electrocardiograph, a pulmonary apparatus, ophtalmological equipment and ultrasonic test equipment, antibiotics and antifebrile medicines. These equipment help to find out children's disease in early stage. We also send Japanese doctors to inspect this center. In 1998 CCFJ donated an ambulance which supports children who cannot afford to go to hospitals or to have health examinations. It also helps children living in isolated areas to find out their diseases.

facility and the children in the Medical Center ambulance

'Children in Trouble' (Gomel Branch)

The mothers whose children had thyroid gland operations formed this supporting group for the children. CCFJ has been inviting to the special recuperation program at 'Hope 21', 456 post-operation children suffering from thyroid gland disorders including members of the group 'Autograph of Chernobyl' in Minsk.

Belarus Radiation Medical Institute ('Aksacovshina')

CCFJ donated computers and related facilities for a rehabilitation room in the institute to be used for children recovering from thyroid gland operations. CCFJ is also paying the salaries of instructors. In April 2001 the new rehabilitation room will be opened. Reconstruction fee of the rehabilitation room is fully suppported by CCFJ.

Republic of Belarus MINSK State Medical Institute R&D center of Thyroid cancer

The children having their thyroid glands enucleated must take special medicine throughout their lives. CCFJ contributes the fee for the medicine.

Republican Children Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Minsk

Since 1991 CCFJ has been contributing US$10,000 every year for the anticancer agent fee.


Sanatorium 'South' ('Yuzhanka')

Sanatorium 'South', administered by 'the Help for Families of Chernobyl', a group in Kiev, is located in Ochakov by the north coast of the Black Sea.

CCFJ is supporting its running costs, the expenses for the recuperation of children and the reconstruction of the facilities. CCFJ built the Children's Pavilion in 1999. Art, computer and classes on many other subjects are held there for children as rehabilitation during the recuperation. In the summer of 2000 the Accommodation House was built with the financial support of CCFJ.

'The Help for Families of Chernobyl' - Medical Center

CCFJ helps to run a clinic opened in the evacuation area in Kiev, paying the salaries for its doctors, donating ultrasonic test equipment and other medical equipment. In April 2001 the new Rehabilitation Center will be opened with the financial support of CCFJ. This center is containing rehabilitation rooms for art and needlework, and the practice room for Chervona Kalina.

Institute of Endocrinology & Metabolism, Acad. Med. Sci .of the Ukraine

CCFJ bears most of the expenses of the medicine needed in this institute for Ukrainian children having thyroid gland operations.

'Chervona Kalina'

This is a children's music group formed mainly by children of evacuated families. It belongs to The Help for Family of Chernobyl. In 1996 and 1998 they were invited to perform in Japan. The money raised in the concerts was used for the children of Chernobyl. In the autumn of 2000 some of the members of the group were invited to Mie Prefecture and in the spring of 2001 they are going to perform in Japan again.


Natalya Gudziy's Concerts

Natalya is a former leading member of Chervona Kalina. In the spring of 1999 CCFJ invited her to Japan and 30 charity concerts were held with success around the country. At the end of 1999 she returned to Japan and now is continuing to sing and play the bandula (a Ukrainian traditional instrument) at charity concerts for children of Chernobyl.

Foster Parents System

This system started in the summer of 1998. Japanese foster parents support the post-operation children of thyroid gland from families in need of help. They send a child $50 per month for two years. The Japanese foster parents, at present, support about 120 children. This support from Japan not only enables them to pay for medical expenses but also encourages the children and their families.

"Japanese Week"

Since the summer of 1996 CCFJ has been organizing a "Japanese Week" in Ukraine and Belarus for the summer recuperation of children having had thyroid gland operation. During this period many classes and events are held by volunteers from Japan to introduce Japanese culture.

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