i-NSIDER/No.113/March 31, 2003

-- Links (part I)

<<Sites FOR the war; supporting the Coalition side>>
  • US Dept. of State/Iraq toward Liberation
  • -- The site is produced and maintained by the US Department of State's Office of International Information Programs.

  • Pentagon/DefenseLink
  • -- This page offers direct links to some of the most important US Department of Defense sites (DoD Sites). You can get access to the database of all registered DoD Sites.

  • US Central Command
  • -- Web page of US Central Command, General Tommy Franks in Qatar, commanding Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • US Embassy in Tokyo, Japan/International Security
  • -- English-Japanese bilingual site
    This site contains information on US policy, public affairs, visas and consular services. You can read up-to-date interviews with US officials and transcripts of statements by US officials.


  • UK Foreign Office/Iraq
  • -- This page is by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which is the British department of foreign affairs. Click the icon of 'Iraq' to read the latest news and statements.

  • UK Ministry of Defence/Operation Telic
  • -- UK military operations against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq are being conducted under the name of Operation Telic.

  • UK Intl. Institute for Strategy Studies/Iraq War
  • -- The International Institute for Strategic Studies is one of the sources of information on international strategic issues for governments, businesses and people. Its main office is in London.

  • British Embassy in Japan/Speeches & Statements
  • -- The latest speeches and statements by ministers and other government representatives, arranged by theme. The items here have been selected because they are of relevance to an audience in Japan (and appear where possible in Japanese on the Japanese version of this page).

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan/the issue of Iraq
  • -- Pages of the press conferences, reports, statements by the Japanese ministers and government representatives, up-to-date interviews and news releases on Iraqi issues.

    <<Supporting the Iraqi side>>
  • Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • -- This site of the Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs is temporarily closed.

  • UN Permanent Mission of Iraq in NY
  • -- The site of the Iraqi representatives to the UN in New York is temporarily closed.

  • Al-jazeera
  • -- News page in English by a popular Arabic satellite news channel. It was knocked down by some patriotic Americans' spam mails. Currently under construction to reopen in mid-April.

  • Workers Communist Party of Iraq
  • -- The only site which seems to be working in Iraq.

    <<Media coverage>>
  • War Report
  • -- This page consists of select articles, documents, and analyses compiled and frequently updated by a non-profit organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • New York Times
  • -- The site says it provides "Complete Coverage" of the war.

  • Center for Defense Information/Eye on Iraq
  • -- The Center for Defense Information is a non-profit organization for independent research on the social, economic, environmental, political and military components of global security.

  • Yahoo! News, UK/War in Iraq
  • -- You can get a panoramic view of British coverage of the war.

  • War in Iraq
  • -- Here is a unique perspective from Moscow journalists and military specialists based on information and analysis of Russian information agencies. They have enlisted the help of contributors living in Russia, US, Israel, EU, and Iraq. They also have a number of "Military History Forum" members.

  • Yahoo! News, Japan/Iraq War
  • -- An overview of Japanese coverage.
    http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/specialfeature/2003/iraq/ (Japanese)

  • JETRO/Iraq
  • -- Japan External Trade Organization's page, mostly trade and business reports.
    http://www.jetro.go.jp/se/j/iraq.html (Japanese)
    http://www.jetro.go.jp/index.html (English top page)

  • Asia News/Iraq Report
  • -- Web site of a program production firm that has sent H. Kubota (see below) to Baghdad.
    http://www.galax-lay.co.jp/iraq.html (Japanese)

  • Official site by Hironobu Kubota
  • -- Report from Baghdad by a freelance photojournalist, Hironobu Kubota, who is having dreadful experiences in the air-strikes in Baghdad.
    http://m17n.cool.ne.jp/kubota/home-ja (Japanese)

  • US and UK casualties and missing in action
  • -- Statistics of unknown authorship but well organized and handy.
    http://bookshelf.fc2web.com/iraq/dead.htm (Japanese)

  • Chugoku Shimbun/DU munitions
  • -- This site warns of adverse health effects from DU exposure.

  • Terashima laboratory annex/Chomsky
    -- A college English professor is translating into Japanese Noam Chomsky's essays and interviews.
    http://terasima.gooside.com/ (Japanese)

    <<Anti-war movement>>

  • -- Core organization for anti-war actions in the USA. ANSWER stands for Act Now to Stop War & End Racism.

  • National Network to End the War in Iraq
  • -- A nationwide coalition of peace and justice, student and faith-based organizations united to work for ending the war against the people of Iraq. 282 organizations in the US are connected on the Internet.

  • Americans against Bombing
  • -- Originally an organization of 'Americans Against World Empire', this coalition for peace now focuses on the war with Iraq.

  • Iraq Body Count
  • -- The worldwide update of reported civilian deaths in the war on Iraq.

  • Anti-war/Peace action
  • -- One of the anti-war movement centers in Japan.
    http://peaceact.jca.apc.org/ (Japanese)

  • Bretzel for Bush
  • -- A humorous French site against the war. It says, "The most wanted criminal in the USA is the Bretzel, because this kind of biscuit tried to murder the US president while he was watching a football game. So let's send him a Bretzel."

  • Bush or Chimp?
  • -- This parody page contains Bush or Chimp comparison pictures. Several visitors are emailing and signing in the guestbook about how it is cruel to the chimpanzees to compare them to George W. Bush.

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